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This is the area where my personal interests show through my individual projects. These projects are twofold; not only are they my hobbies per say, but also they offer another arena to design to.

First – gotta have those movie links!
Love the movies, love TCM, love Hitchcock. The older the movie, usually the better.

My favorite movie info sites:

Internet Movie Database
This has just about any film you ever wanted to look up!

Hitchcock Films
Lists them all, and has all the good stuff; like his cameos.

Hollywood Online
This has all the info on new films to see.

Movie Web
This has links to all the major studio new releases.

While looking up my family geneology, my grandmother handed me a stack of letters (retyped in the 40's) that her mother had. Turns out that her mother was named after her grandmother, the wife of a Civil War soldier. These were his letters to her during the time he was serving with the Union Army from Delaware.

I have reproduced some of them here. I include his background information, and some information I tracked down on other people he mentioned. As you might imagine, they read like a story, following history with an insider's point-of-view.

Yes, these too are copyrighted, please don't reproduce them without prior permission. These letters are typed verbatim.



Look! A munchkin flower hat I made for The Wizard of Oz.

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